The Ways Are Many: What to Do After Graduation

Years at the university fly by quickly. Of course, graduation means not only the end of a certain part of your life but also the beginning of something completely new and unknown. And here you are, excited and confused at the same time — a recent graduate deciding what to do next.

We’ve prepared a few options for you on what to do after your studies if you’re still considering your next step. Read on to find out about the paths you can take after university and see which one is right for you.

Find an Internship

First, an internship is a wonderful opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained at the university. In a few months, you will be able to acquire the key skills and become much better at your job. Of course, the internship will surely make your CV more complete and help you get more interviews. In addition, you may receive a job offer from the company you are interning with and work for it after the internship.

Secondly, during the internship, you will be surrounded by professionals and experienced employees. Of course, you can learn a lot from people with extensive knowledge and outstanding accomplishments. So, use this opportunity to communicate and make contacts — this will be very useful both for your future career and life in general.

No doubt, any internship search starts with resume writing. The competition between graduates is quite high, so you should craft a winning resume to draw the recruiter’s attention.

More and more job seekers decide to get professional help for many reasons. On the one hand, specialists from the resume writer service like know exactly what your job application needs, so they will make it brilliant. On the other hand, be aware that recruiters often use ATS bots to scan the applications, searching for keywords.

Therefore, before you apply — make sure you have a bot-beating resume. Fortunately, professional writers are great at making CVs ATS-friendly.

Become a Freelancer

Working from home is usually linked to a convenient schedule and you will save a lot of time on travel. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, you can choose to work when you are at the peak of your productivity. Besides, with a flexible timetable, you can combine job duties with other activities — hobbies, for instance. Finally, you can look for a job without being tied to a specific city or even country.

Programmer, website developer, designer, copywriter, social media manager, translator — all these professions are popular among freelancers. Everyone will find something for themselves.

Start a Business

  • Being your own boss means having lots of responsibilities, from budgeting and finding employees and clients to overall management;
  • Most likely, the boundaries between your work, personal life, and leisure will be blurred;
  • You’ll have to deal with uncertainty and risks.

Teach English Abroad

Language schools are looking for native English speakers to teach children and adults. Luckily, hired teachers are not expected to have experience in this sphere. Working as a teacher abroad allows recent college graduates to travel and experience a new culture.

Take Part in a Volunteer Program

  • Peace Corps;
  • WorldTeach;
  • City Year;
  • Global Vision International;
  • the Red Cross.

Take a Gap Year

Lots of graduates choose to travel in their gap year. Such a vacation, spent outside your home country, can shape your personality and bring like-minded people to your life.

Work Seasonal Jobs

Final Thoughts

Also, universities often hire their graduates to serve in admissions or administration. So, find out if there are any vacancies for recent graduates if you are interested in such a job.

To be a writer is not only about learning to sit down and start writing, although that’s a key component, but it is also about learning to enjoy writing.

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