CV writing is not an easy process for the majority of job seekers. You need to know how to craft a CV that will grab the attention of recruiters within the first 15 seconds.

In fact, most people get this wrong. They write long CVs that go on for multiple pages, hoping that their elaborate work experience will impress the recruiter. However, this isn’t always the case.

Instead of descriptive work histories, employers are looking to see your accomplishments and outcomes that will be relevant to your new role. Of course, it’s easier said than done. …

Sometimes, scholarship is not enough for young students to lead a comfortable life. In this case, they start thinking about side hustles they can manage in their free time.

Many of them take routine positions in the service industry. Yet, they all want simple work that won’t take all their energy. So, this article will cover four easiest part-time jobs to boost your income.

Freelance Writer

Writing is a sort of art. No machine can create a good piece of text that can become interesting for the reader. That is why companies need copywriters, writers, and bloggers to write articles for them.

Some applicants prefer to put an objective rather than a summary of qualifications on their resume. That’s totally fine if they are aware of the rules and tips to make this objective outstanding. After all, resume space is so precious that one can’t waste even three or four lines of it.

So, if you are positive that a resume objective is something that can help you land a dream job, go ahead and write it. But before that, learn a few tips and check resume objective examples experts prepared for you. Let’s dive in!


What Do We Call a Resume Objective?

A resume objective

Before you reach the stage where your professional experience is too extensive to meet the one-page resume standard, you’ll have to deal with situations when you have nothing to include in the experience section.

No worries, literally everyone has been in your shoes. Yes, this may be upsetting, especially when you see beautiful samples of, let’s say, a bookkeeping resume with lots of positions to be proud of. But, think about it, no one had that much experience when they started off their career.

Nevertheless, if you think of it, your entry-level resume is also not as empty as…

In every professional’s life, there comes a moment when he or she has to look for a new job. The reasons differ, as do the means. Some people use their connections, pull strings, and land a dream job without much hassle. For others, the road is tougher.

But in any case, no one looking for jobs can do without one thing: a decent resume. This document is essential, and even those who’ve managed to settle an interview with some help from their friends are going to need it.

That’s why there are services like SkillHub that help applicants make the…

Whether you are a high-profile professional, a laborer, or a student, if you’re currently in the process of a job search, you need a flawless resume. Despite a common belief, a resume does much more than simply communicating your level of qualification and key skills. Since most employers are looking to hire humans, it should also reveal your personality and show what makes you the right applicant. It has to drive attention, engage, and stand out. So, writing it can be a real challenge. Yet, there is a solution! In case you are not sure how to craft a winning…

A bot-beating resume that can help you land an interview heavily relies on key skills listed on it. Today, it’s a common practice to add a skills section on a resume as well as use key areas of expertise as keywords across the entire document.

We bet you can list up to 20 skills you are proud of. However, not all of them should be placed on your resume. So, how should one choose those skills to get more interviews?


When crafting a winning resume, you have to master the art of using the information that is the…

Years at the university fly by quickly. Of course, graduation means not only the end of a certain part of your life but also the beginning of something completely new and unknown. And here you are, excited and confused at the same time — a recent graduate deciding what to do next.

We’ve prepared a few options for you on what to do after your studies if you’re still considering your next step. Read on to find out about the paths you can take after university and see which one is right for you.

Find an Internship

These days, there are few companies…

Resume writing service companies are freelance or small businesses who can help job-makers to enhance the quality of the resumes they compile so that they stand out in the crowd. There are many resume writing service providers available online. Some of them have been around for years, while others are just starting up recently. They have resume writing help desks where job aspirants can drop in with a resume and receive tips on how to write a killer resume. …


To be a writer is not only about learning to sit down and start writing, although that’s a key component, but it is also about learning to enjoy writing.

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